RCHS March Stripes recipients named leaders of self-discipline

The RCHS Stripe of the Month for March was Self-Discipline. The students at RCHS will use Self Discipline as a tool for self-improvement. We cannot hold others accountable if we are not willing and able to first hold ourselves to that standard. A shout-out to First National Bank for sponsoring the RCHS Stripes shirts!

(pictured from left to right) Front row: Anna Peavler, Savannah Sensney, Leah Gibson, Katelyn Totten, Kadyn Cordell, Kara Sager, Mahayla Clore, Miah Kessler, Claire Ginder, Taylor Bloomer, Elizabeth Bahl, and Aeryn Bailey
Back row: Addison Ridgely, Carly Houchin, Natalie Zwilling, Elizabeth Kessler, Ally Lynch, Jenna Tonn, Sayge Mason, Elijah Egleston, Kaylie Cline, Aidan Weidner, Bella Trupiano, Sidnee Boldt, Hannah Kocher, Abi McMullen, and Haley Leeper
Not pictured: Brett Kocher, Emeline Odgers, Evan Irvin, Talon Stallard, Claire Uhl, Skylar Cole, Holden Hough, and Madison Nelson.