Interact Club

Interact is a service and social club for young people ages 14 - 18.  The club is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Olney, and the Rotary Club of Richland County. Interact clubs are asked to have both a local and international service project. Interact derives its name from the words "international" and "action" reflecting the nature of an organization that exists in 120 countries and promotes active service at home and abroad. With almost 250,000 members and more than 11,000 clubs worldwide, Interact provides a powerful force of youthful enthusiasm and energetic service. Our past Interact club projects include: planting trees and plants at the Richland County Elementary School, the Christmas light display brigade, the books for Belize Campaign, the polio plus campaign, the Abbi Shaw 5k, and the Jogging for Joey 5k. The club has sent members to the Rotary District Youth Symposium, and to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference. The Interact club seeks to do service projects for our school, community and the world. Interact club members develop leadership and teamwork skills while having a good time.

Sponsor: John McLaughlin and Chelsea Kermicle