FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is the largest career student business organization in the world. Each year, FBLA helps members prepare for careers in business. FBLA inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences. FBLA's programs focus on leadership development, academic competitions, community service, and much more. Some of the goals of FBLA include developing competent, aggressive business leadership, strengthening the confidence of students in themselves and their work, assisting students in the establishment of occupational goals, and encouraging members in the development of individual projects that contribute to the improvement of home, business, and community.

Academic competitions make up a large portion of FBLA. A wide range of competitive events are offered. There are over 70 events to choose from. Other activities and opportunities include leadership conferences and workshops, community service opportunities, various social activities, and the opportunity to run for area, state, and national offices. All students are eligible. You do NOT have to be enrolled in a business class.

Sponsor: Mrs. Brenda Stallard