Returning to RCHS
Returning to RCHS on 12/21/2020
Posted on 12/16/2020

Returning to RCHS


1.  Entrances:  Students should enter through one of the two South entrances (South side is closest to Joe's Pizza).  Bus students and students walking from the North may enter the North Main Entrance (Double doors under the pillars by the new circle drive) .  After 8:10, all students will enter through the South Main Entrance.  (Double doors under the pillars closest to Auxiliary Gym).  


2.  Parking:  All students should park in the South Parking Lot (Joe's Pizza side). No parking in the P lot for now.  


3.  Student drop off:  Parents should drop off students at one of the South entrances. 


4.  Bottled Water:  Students should not bring in outside food or drinks.  They may bring in bottled water or a clear container to fill at the bottle filling stations.  Please no cups from outside businesses. 


5.  Building Maps:  There will be maps available on Monday and Tuesday.  

6.  Safety:  Students should not go outside between classes unless they are leaving school or taking a mask break.  If they are taking a mask break, they need to stay between the sidewalk and the building.  They should not be in the parking lots.