Updates on the Upcoming Schedule
Updates on the Upcoming Schedule and the Future of Life at RCHS
Posted on 11/05/2020
Here are some updates on the upcoming schedule and the future of life at RCHS.
- This Friday (tomorrow) and next Friday (11/13) will be remote learning days for all. These will not be makeup days from the holidays this past Tuesday and next Wednesday. Teachers are working hard to keep in contact with and instruct all students, blended and remote, so we need all students to be attentive to their courses on remote days. Please be in contact with your teachers and stay on top of your work.
- We are targeting a return to RCHS sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. When we return to RCHS, in-person instruction will go back to 5 days a week. Full remote students will stay remote if they so desire. Students will have the opportunity to change their choice of instruction prior to this move. As we learn more about the progress of the renovation we will narrow this down to a more specific date.
- Parents and families will be receiving information next Monday on RCHS Parent/Teacher Conferences. These will be held virtually on the evening of November 19th (5:00-8:00) and November 20th (9:00-1:00). If you would like to schedule a conference, the information you receive will instruct you how to do so. Please call Joni in the Student Services department if you have any questions.
We cannot wait to see our students again on a regular basis!
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