Varsity Club
The purpose of the Varsity Club is to honor our varsity athletes and promote the S.T.R.I.P.E.S. program. 
We will Serve our School and our Community through service projects as well as by being good stewards of our respective programs.

We will Trust our teammates and coaches, create healthy relationships, knowing that WE can depend on each other. 

We will show Respect to others... setting a standard for the members of our group. We understand that by being a member of the group, we represent RCHS as ambassadors and will strive to do nothing to disrespect our School, Teammates, Coaches, and ourselves.

We will act with Integrity... understanding that anyone can do what is right while others are watching; it is when you willingly do the right thing when no one is watching that matters. We will choose to do what is right over what is easy.

We will display a Positive Attitude on and off the field, court, pitch, diamond, etc. By carrying the title of Varsity athlete, we are role models for the rest of the school and for the younger athletes of our community. 

We will strive for Excellence in everything we do. We will push ourselves and our teammates to be the best that we can be. We will not be afraid of failure. In this way, WE will achieve more together.

We will use Self Discipline ‚Äčas a tool for self-improvement. We cannot hold others accountable if we are not willing and able to first hold ourselves to that standard.

Sponsors: Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Powell & Mrs. VanDyke