FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda - FBLA is the largest and oldest business student organization in the world! A quarter of a million high school and middle school students, college and university students, faculty, educators, administrators, and business professionals have chosen to be members of the premier business education association preparing students for careers in business. Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

The goals of FBLA-PBL include:

  • Develop competent, aggressive business leadership.

  • Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work.

  • Create more interest in and understanding of American business enterprise.

  • Encourage members in the development of individual projects that contribute to the improvement of home, business, and community.

  • Develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism.

  • Encourage and practice efficient money management.

  • Encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty.

  • Assist students in the establishment of occupational goals.

  • Facilitate the transition from school to work.

Competitive events make up a large portion of FBLA. A wide range of competitive events are offered. Competitive events fall into three categories: individual, team, and chapter events.  Some of the competitive events include: accounting, business math, business communications, web page design, digital video production, business ethics, public speaking, word processing, job interview, parliamentary procedure, 3d animation and many more.  There are over 60 events to choose from.

Other activities/opportunities include:

  • Leadership conferences and workshops

  • Community service opportunities

  • Various social activities

  • Opportunity to run for area, state, and national offices

Membership dues are $20.  Of the $20, $6 pays for your national membership, $5 pays for your state membership, $2 pays for your local membership, and $7 pays for your East Richland FBLA t-shirt.  Any Richland County student is eligible.  You do NOT have to be enrolled in a business class.  If you would like more information about FBLA, visit the national website at www.fbla-pbl.org.Sponsor: Mrs. Stallard